Thursday, 22 April 2010

Calais Small Edit.

These ten shots are from the 585 photos I took whilst working with migrants in Calais. I will soon upload an accompanying essay I wrote as well, but for now here are a small amount of the shots. The shots are of migrants who have come mainly from Africa, Afghanistan and Iraq and are living in awful conditions in Calais. They have travelled so far escaping war, famine and disease all looking for a new and safe life. Living here they have become Europe's hidden crisis.

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Have a look at my book from Calais!

This is my book from my Calais work, buy it if you want but you can have a little look at it online. I will put some shots up on here soon!

Monday, 12 April 2010

Put People First! March 28th 2009!

Taken long time ago, but I want to go from the start. A big united left wing march in London. I met with the anarchist bloc and marched with constant police presence to the anarchist meeting point at Hyde Park Speakers Corner!
Besides being fucking twated I had a really good day. I learnt a lot about all the different left wing parties, groups and unions and this really helped me formulate my own ideas of politics and world order.

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This shot represents my career in photojournalism.