Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Palestine 2011

In the month of April 2011 I went to the West Bank with a group called ISM (Internationaln Solidarity Movement) in an act of solidarity with the Palestinian people. It was the worst, best, most shocking and most interesting times of my life. My exepeirneces and feelings where compleatly different everyday as i kept meeting more people and seeing more things that can only happen inside an occupation such as this.
I am still in the process of making a report / slide show type thing because i have been very busey and i had to post my pictures back from Israel due to hard airport restrictions how ever:


That is a kind of edit but there are not the captions needed to understand all the pictures.

Also I have been put in the Foto8 summershow exhibition and book/catalouge published along side. I am very excited about this so please if you can go check out the the exhibition, its open from the 8 July to the 16th August at the famous Host Gallery East London.
The picture I got in was this one, Israeli Soldier, Hebron.


There is a link to the exhibition information. Watch this space for more pictures from my trip soon.