Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Migration to Greece, a Stalemate Life.

Thousands of migrants and refugees fleeing poverty, famine or political strife enter Greece illegally every year. Everyday new arrivals break the borders and enter a stalemate of life, neither able to leave or return home. Thousands of migrants live a second tier life with few rights and little access to medical care or work.
Every week Athens gives out only twenty asylum places to hundreds of desperate people with a first come first served policy which creates tensions between the migrants as well constant attacks from far right thugs and policeman.
Thousands of people in Greece are suffering yet the E.U. and the U.N will not help Greece a country already in economic chaos to deal with this problem which tough policies and class divides is not going to push away.

During my work I was arrested, put through the courts and had my equipment taken away whilst documenting migrants crossing the border, apart from the ridiculous treatment and punishment I received I am also angry with how the authorities treated the migrants. I watched them leave nine Somalian refugees stranded in the river Evros screaming "I can't swim please help me". The Greek police arresting us all just shouted "go back to Turkey" yet the boat had drifted away. As I couldn't photograph this occurrence I feel I have to write about it as it was a disgusting thing to see.

(Press show info for captions)

(Press show info for captions)