Monday, 18 November 2013

Nepal October 2013 - and small update

Recently I have received a photo assignment from international eyesight NGO/ charity 'ORBIS' which I gained though a call for portfolios in Digital Camera World. You can see the article and runner ups by clicking here.
I travelled to Nepal with ORBIS in late October to photograph the impact of the ORBIS international volunteers at Geta Eye Hospital - Dhangadhi. My assignment was to create pictures that showed the good effect that the international volunteers had on the area, particularly focusing on the teaching of new techniques  to the local doctors which they can then administer themselves, leaving a lasting solution to problems faced by the hospital. This is my story I supplied amongst many other stock images for the charity, I am also creating an audio slideshow which will be up here soon.

The streets of Dhangadhi, a city in far western Nepal, the closest busy hub to the Geta Eye Hospital. 

The entrance to the Geta Eye Hospital compound.

Families living outside in the Geta Eye Hospital compound, the patients families stay for the whole of the treatment as they have often traveled along way. 70% of the patients are from Northern India, they travel to Nepal as the surgery is "cheaper and of a higher standard."

Women walking through the Geta hospital.

Patients waiting to be seen at Geta Eye Hospital, Dhangadhi

A 12 year old girl is treated at the Geta Eye Hospital Paediatric Eye Department, supported by ORBIS International.

Doctor Robert Kersten, the international ORBIS volunteer from the U.S.A travelling to Geta Eye Hospital to give hands on training to local doctors.

Ayan, a six year old boy from India receives an eye test. Ayan travelled to Nepal from India with his two Uncles to receive treatment for a Cataract which would be too expensive in India for their family.

Suresh Raj Pant, a local doctor at Geta Eye Hospital prepares for the days surgery and training.

Uttan Kunuugar, 7 years old from a rural Nepalese family of nine awaits surgery dealing with a Ptosis (the drooping of an eyelid). He and his Uncle and Father travelled 12 hours to reach Geta Eye hospital after Uttan started struggling to see the board at his school. His father, who is a soldier hopes that this treatment will help lead to a life outside of the military.  

Nirmada Bohara, a ten year old girl from a family of farmers receiving surgery for a Ptosis that had grown significantly over the last year. Nirmada nor her brother where nervous about the surgery, saying they trusted Geta Eye Hospital.

Nirmada Bohara in surgery

Dr Robert Kersten giving hands on training to local doctor Suresh Raj Pant during surgery at Geta Eye Hospital, Dhangadhi.

Dr Suresh Raj Pant giving surgery to Nirmada Bohara.

Dr Robert Kersten in the Operating Theatre.

Local Doctors performing life changing surgery to Nirmada Bohara.

Dr Robert Kersten observing the newly trained surgery.

Dr Robert Kersten and Dr Suresh Raj Pant performing post op observations in the Geta Eye Hospital ward.

Ayan recovering from his successful operation, with his uncle Grfan. 

I would like to thank ORBIS and Digital Camera World for giving me the opportunity to do this work. If you would like to read more about great work ORBIS do please go to

A bit of news, I recently was lucky enough to be included in the Ian Parry Scholarship Exhibition as a runner up which is great. I also was included in the Ideastap/ Magnum photography award exhibition which again great news.

Thanks for reading, am planning a lot of stories at the moment so expect a lot of work up here soon!