Tuesday, 5 January 2016


My 2015 review slideshow. Click on the pics to make them bigger.

I have had a great but hard year photographically, enjoy the shots...


I continued my Oldham Athletic project which has been so much fun, I even followed them to Berlin.

I am currently putting a book together, see more at - http://www.davidjshaw.com/Oh-When-The-Blues


Went to Poland for a few months with a Peter Kirk Scholarship and tried a new style of photography. More at - http://www.davidjshaw.com/Transition

Oldham Poverty (working title) 

My ongoing work in Oldham was originally a piece about poverty and benefit sanctioning, which it still is, however I have also moved on to a separate/ combined piece about much deeper community issues in the town as well as British-Asian cultural identity. This work was originally meant to take me a few months but I have now been slogging away at it for over a year. Looking back on it when I started shooting poverty in the UK this time last year, I wasn't prepared for quite how challenging it would be, so I am pleased I have spent the time on this. There is more info at http://www.davidjshaw.com/Oldham-Ongoing however the full current edit is password protected until it is finished in May 2016. 

'Big Dave' lives in a tower that provides social housing for hundreds of people. It is run by First Choice Homes, a local housing association company. Dave was homeless for seven years before successfully bidding on the flat he now lives in. He receives state benefits as he is a full time career for one of his neighbours.

Refugees lines up for a food bank.

Bob who lives very close to Oldham in Ashton has had his welfare sanctioned many times. His most recent sanctioning was due to the benefit centre organising two meetings where his attendance was compulsory but near enough at the same time. He was late for the second and had all his income support cut from him. He had a breakdown in the welfare office and was arrested.

Due to the sanctioning of his benefits Bob's children are now in foster care and he feels he cannot afford to give them a good life. He now lives alone and is not fighting to regain custody of his children as he can see that they have a much better life with their foster parents who 'can even take them on holiday.'