Monday, 14 November 2016

Rebecca Vassie Award 2016 and Oldham Remembers

I was delighted to find out that I was awarded as Highley Commended in the Rebecca Vassie Award 2016. Congrats to the other finalists and the winner see all info at

As part of my long-term project into Oldham's culture I decided to check out the remembrance day parade 2016: 

Monday, 7 November 2016

Oh When The Blues - Book Kickstarter

After two years of work I am finally ready to publish my book 'Oh When The Blues'. The book, tells stories of Oldham Athletic's community as well as exploring the theatre of football. I have followed these fans, who are now my mates, through thick and thin, rain and shine, to home and and away, and this book is the final outcome.

What I need help with however is to sell enough books (which are cheap for photo books) to afford the costs of printing- so I have set up a kick starter to do just that. By buying a book or one of the other rewards you are backing this project and doing me a massive favour, so please help spread the word as well!

I have 27 days to raise just over £2,000 through pre-sales so I will be sharing loads of pictures and stories from the book through my instagram - and twitter @davidjshawphoto so give those a follow as well. If I don't reach my target this book wont happen!

The Kickstarter Campaign: 

I decided to photograph the Oldham Athletic community after I attended an Oldham home match in 2014 against Scunthorpe. I was pleasantly surprised to find a group of fans both passionate about the club and sport but also very friendly. I started photographing shortly after and was swiftly invited to more games, people's homes, and of course, the pub. Since then I have made as many of the games home and away as I can and feel as though I myself, am also a fan. These pictures document the community through its highs and lows focusing on the many characters and supporters groups involved.

My hope is that a football fan of any club can feel affinity towards this work. For all the times we have got the train at silly morning hours to watch our team loose 5-0, those 9am pints on derby day and catching a frostbite that even the warmest cup of Bovril can't save you from; we have also felt the elation of that stoppage time winner.
This book, through pictures, explores the experience and culture of English football fandom through the story of Oldham's die hard supporters. 
The project includes stories, pictures and portraits from home and away games and a chapter about the Eagles and Owls football friendship between Frankfurt and Oldham. It has been published quite widely and some of these can see here:
or a large collection of images (but not nearly the amount in the book) can be seen on my website here -

The book will be 112 pages, soft-back 26x21 cm with over 100 full colour images professional printed and bound at ex why zedprinting and for these pre-orders - they will be ready by Christmas. An original print run of 200 is being sold however I am looking to print more depending on the success of this campaign.